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What We Do

AVA Health Center has been built to serve the basic health care needs of a rural community of about 15 villages near Ibadan in the Lagelu Local Government Area of Oyo State Nigeria. Services  are completely free and it is being operated as a privately funded charity with donations and contributions from friends and other kind hearted donors.


  • Outpatient Services for sick people across ages
  • Childbirth, Nursing & Midwifery services
  • Antenatal classes and check up for pregnant women
  • Postnatal services and check up for newly born babies and their mothers
  • General health education

The Center, since opening, has been providing these services to the rural community of about 15 villages. Within few months of opening the center, tens of outpatients have been treated, and several women have had their babies delivered at the Center by its very dedicated staff.


We commit ourselves to provide basic health delivery services to every patient that comes in free of charge, within the capacity of the Center and hold ourselves accountable to a very resourceful utilization of all monetary and material donations to the Center.

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